1 Day

  • Administration of all backups and scheduled jobs
  • Proactive data storage administration
  • Database health management
  • Database disaster recovery planning
  • All version upgrade & patches

1 Day

  • Administration to all backups and scheduled jobs
  • Proactive data storage administration
  • Database health management
  • Datatbase disaster recovery planning
  • All version upgrade & patches
  • 24*7*365 Database Monitoring
  • 24*7*365 On-Call DBA Support

2 Days

  • Comprehensive Pre-Optimization Healthcheck report
  • Access to our Optimization Lab
  • Analysis of all performance issues and application slowdowns
  • Scenario-based performance tuning
  • Minimum 40% performance increase in 48 hours
  • SQl Server Performance Tuning

Remote DBA Services for SQL Server, Oracle MySQL and Big Data

#1 Remote DBA support provider for small and large database environments.

Remote DBA leads the industry in remote DBA support and database infrastructure management. We support environment ranging from a single mission critical database application server to complex infrastructure comprised of 1000s of server across multiple datacenters. when partnering with Remote DBA, companines and organizations gain access to a team of leading remote DBA experts, experienced in supporting the most demanding database environments

With Remote DBA databse administration, 24*7 database support and on-demand consulting services, companines and organizations are solving complex databse challenges and achieving maximum database availability.

Top Remote DBA Experts.The Remote DBA team is comprised to top DBA experts in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and DB2. Customers are supported by a dedicated team of senior DBAs with a proven track record of managing and supporting complex database production environments.
Trusted Partner for All Database Platforms.We manage 1000s of database servers across all common database platforms such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and DB2. Customers can take advantage of ongoing cross-platforms database support and on-demand consulting services for specific databse projects and implementations.
Improved Database Availability, Performance and Scalability. A key features of our Remote DBA service is a proactive approach to database administration. Through proactive monitoring, potential database issues are identified and addressed before they can turn into service-impacting errors.
Best-in-class Remote DBA Support.All of our solutions are delivered by a senior team of some the best DBA experts in the industry and are supported by the best-in-class monitoring software.Customers gain access to database monitoring tools and to a comprehensive dataase support platform,which can integrate with the existing ITSM and IT Help Desk systems.
Proven Industry Solutions. Remote DBA manages complex database infrastructures for leading companines and organizations across varied industries, from Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing to Government and Educatiion.
Big Data and New Emerging Data Platforms. As a trusted partner,Remote DBA can help bridge the gap between existing database environments and new technologies. We have experience deploying complex standalone implementations and data integrations with new emerging data platforms such as Hadoop, NoSQL and in-memory databases.