Data Engineering

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As a data and operations engineering solution provider, we take care of the end-to-end development, deployment, and maintenance of the infrastructure required to process and manage large volumes of data. We have 40+ years of combined expertise in successful big-data implementation, database management, data architecture development, data integration, and core programming languages such as SQL, Python, JavaScript, Golang, R, and Java.

Wyztech Solutions’ Data Engineering Services transform organizational knowledge into insights for more informed and timely business decisions with the best possible TCO.

Data Operations Support

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Are you striving to transform your organization into a futuristic, data-driven entity? You need data to accelerate business growth and garner actionable insights about your customers. With more growth comes more data, and thus grows the task of compiling, managing, storing, and processing the data to keep it relevant to your corporate strategies. To put a method to this madness, you need data engineering operations support that is tailor-made to your business goals.

Wyztech Solutions’ Data Operations Support Services ensure Data Engineering developments are effectively deployed on production with effective synergy between Developers and Operators.

Data Engineering and Operations Support Services

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Our Data Engineering team helps you leverage comprehensive and powerful data processing tools and technologies to analyze unstructured and complex data sources.

Data Modeling & Consultation

Our Data Engineers have experience in processing data which may be structured, unstructured, semi-structured or stored as RDBMS or Big Data, distributed file systems (HDFS), flat files (text, csv, json, logs), emails, websites & web APIs.

ETL Processing

Expertise to process any data and perform data cleansing, data profiling, normalization, text mining, data extraction, data transformation, load data to data warehouses, and more.

Data Pipeline

Our expertise in building ETL (extract, transform, load) pipelines to process data in real time leads to reliable data processing.

Data Migration & Integration

Based on our experience in handling data from any kind of data source, no matter how large, we can migrate and integrate it smoothly, without any negative business impact for customers.

Continuous Integration & Deployment

Our Data Engineering team has the expertise to deploy models that can not only predict and provide useful information but can also be updated in real-time with a change in data trends as and when required.

Support & Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance for the complete ETL processing setup to ensure that data is never lost with a change in data trends.

Our Data Engineering Expertise


  • Neo4j
  • MongoDB
  • Spreadsheets
  • SQL databases
  • NoSQL databases

Semi Structured

  • Time series
  • Stock price data every day/hour/month
  • Population data every Year
  • Web APIs
  • Email
  • Sensor data


  • Websites
  • Text & Images
  • Audios & Videos
  • Social Networks
  • Log files

Data Engineering Tools & Technology Capabilities

Cloud Consulting Services

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