Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services-servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics etc. over the Internet (the cloud).

Wyztech Solutions helps you to choose and manage the cloud with our Cloud Computing Solutions. We support and manage the world’s leading cloud platforms which facilitate the customer setting up the environment in the combination of private, public, hybird and multi cloud saving you the pain and complexity of doing it yourself.

Cloud Computing Strategies

Public Cloud

Gone are the days of estimating future needs and paying upfront for hardware and storage capacity you may never use. Leveraging public cloud, you can increase (or decrease) resources automatically and dynamically, in response to changing business needs and dynamic market conditions – scaling applications, users and workloads to remain agile and drive competitive advantage.

Private Cloud

A private cloud can be designed to meet the specific needs of the organization, complying with its performance, scaling and architecture parameters. The infrastructure of a private cloud can be located in the physical facilities of the company or anexternal service provider.


Multi-cloud architectures that utilize public, private and hybrid cloud services can be a smart investment strategy for many businesses, especially mid-market and enterprise-level organizations. With the strategic distribution of your cloud management tasks between multiple providers, multi-cloud adoption can help achieve greater efficiencies, take advantage of the economies of scale and establish the resilient performance of your virtual infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud option gives organizations the flexibility to support their remote and distributed employees with on-demand access to data that isn’t tied to one central location. Organizations with a hybrid cloud infrastructure can move any core or sensitive data to their private on-premise servers while making key applications and services available on the public cloud.

Cloud Computing Types


SaaS involves delivering software applications to users that the cloud service provider manages. A SaaS app is usually a web application or a mobile app that users can access via a web browser. Users connect to cloud applications via dashboards or APIs, and updates and bug fixes are handled for them. In addition to eliminating the need for any app to be installed locally on each computer, SaaS also allows greater methods of group and team collaboration.


PaaS means an outside cloud service provider that provides and manages the hardware and software platform, but the user is responsible for the apps and data used by the apps. A PaaS service enables developers and programmers to develop and manage applications in the cloud without building and maintaining the infrastructure necessary for the process (a key component of DevOps).


IaaS refers to a cloud computing service that manages your infrastructure through the internet, including servers, networks, virtualization, and data storage. Through APIs or dashboards, the user has access to the infrastructure. A user manages applications, operating systems, and middleware, while the provider handles hardware, data storage, networking, hard drives, servers, repairs, outages, and hardware issues.

Cloud Computing Implementation Plan

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