Public or Private? We have a cloud solution for You.

Wyztech Solutions understands IT requirements imposed on organizations from a security, regulatory and financial perspective. Let us create / manage your high-performance, affordable solutions—including cloud infrastructure, cloud-based storage and security, virtual desktop and more.

Public Cloud Solutions - Microsoft Azure
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Microsoft Azure AD and ADFS Microsoft Azure Backup and Site Recovery Hybrid Cloud – Extend your existing network into the Azure Cloud

Microsoft 365
Office 365 Implementation and Management Windows 10 Implementation and Management Enterprise Mobility Security and Management

Microsoft Office 365
Business and Enterprise Plans Implementation and Management Productivity Apps like Teams Implementation and training Support included

Microsoft Dynamics 365
CRM Solution Implementation and Management ERP Solution Implementation and training Data Intelligence and Analytics Solutions Implementation and Management Support included

Additional Cloud Solutions
Cloud-based VoIP Services Cloud-based Email Security and Management Cloud-based Multi-Factor Authentication Cloud-based Wireless Network Management